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Age Defense results in 20% less damage after sun exposure!

Just 1 dose of Inner Glow Age Defense results in 20% less photo damage after sun exposure. We wanted to share our ongoing UV study using Age Defense with you! Picture 1 is a patients L arm after we expose it to a NB UVB device with no Inner Glow Age defense Picture 2 is the same patients R arm exposed to NB UVB 1 hour after taking a single dose of Age Defense.  You can see that the Internal sunscreen (Polypodium Leucotomos) and the other anti-oxidants  that neutralize free radicals in our Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon curated blend were able to decrease sun damage by over 20%! With the ozone layer not protecting us as much as it used...

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COVID, Stress and Hair Loss: A dermatologists guide

We know that any number of stressful situations can trigger hair loss. Many people don't realize that stressors can be mental such as relationship issues, financial concerns, loneliness during the pandemic or physical like pregnancy, chronic illness/ injury, surgery, or medications. In our world, COVID has become a stressor that we will need to learn to live with. However both the mental stress of COVID and the physical strain on the body if you contracted this virus can lead to hair loss. If you have noticed increased hair loss and think stressors might be to blame, try some of these tips. Get moving! Regular exercise helps manage the effects of stress Take a deep breath- Learn and practice relaxation techniques ...

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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Your hair normally cycles through 4 phases. Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen. Each phase of hair growth has its own timeline. When the timeline is functioning optimally you will shed up to 100 hairs a day. However, this timeline can be disrupted for multiple reasons including illness, age and nutrition. When this happens you may start to see in excess of 125 hairs start to shed daily. These are some of the tips I give my patients when we are trying to maintain a healthy growth cycle.   (Source: Cleveland Clinic)   Hair Growth Phases Anagen  (Growing Phase)-At any time 90% or more of your hair is in this active growth phase. It is the longest phase and can last...

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