Frequently Asked Questions

Although the vitamins will start working in your body right away, in order for us to see changes on the outside it generally takes about three months.

Yes, These vitamins actually work most optimally in those who already follow a good diet and exercise plan. It has a blend of ingredients that is almost impossible to get from a good diet alone and is meant to create the perfect milieu for your hair and skin to be at its best.

The Age Defense formula is chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that help stop or limit damage caused by free radicals. Your body uses antioxidants to balance free radicals. This keeps them from causing damage to other cells. Antioxidants can protect and reverse some of the damage. They also boost your immunity. Each antioxidant serves a different function and is not interchangeable with another. This is why it is important to use varied antioxidants. This blend uses antioxidants that are specially selected for skin and aging but will ofcourse benefit many other organ systems

NO, These formulas are only made of Vitamins, Minerals and herbs. There are no drugs in these. We have successfully used these vitamins to improve our patients’ conditions as stand alone therapy but also we safely use these formulas with medications when necessary.

Yes our products are proudly researched, developed and made in the USA

Refrigeration is not necessary when taken in a timely fashion. If you feel like it may take you longer to finish the bottle then refrigerate to keep the fish oils/collagen/probiotics (depending on the product you have) at full potency for a prolonged amount of time.

Yep, this fish collagen is the real deal. This Type 1 collagen is derived from the skin of fish and is the most biosimiliar to the collagen in our hair, skin and nails. It works great to acheive results. But if the smell bothers you try refrigerating the vitamin bottle.

The amount that is recommended has been formulated for optimal results. Once you achieve the results you desire however you or your doctor may decrease your dose for maintenance

Yes, In fact she has been using combinations of these ingredients in her practice with her own patients for years.

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