Is hair transplant the way to go for you?

Posted by Noreen Galaria on

Thinking about getting a hair transplant? It is very important to work with a dermatologist and do your research to know if this is the right treatment pathway for you. 

To help you along, here are some pros and cons of hair transplant that you may want to consider:



The pros of a hair transplant are that it is really the best way to get your hairline back once the hair loss has become more extensive. 

All of the medication, supplements, and topicals we use can only bring back a certain amount.


The most important con is that depending on the cause of your hair loss the same factors that led to your hair loss initially can cause some loss of your hair again over time. 

This is less likely when our patients are in optimal health so we recommend a good diet, no smoking, and supplementing with a high-quality nutraceutical like Inner Glow.

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