Dr. Noreen + Very Well Fit Moisturizer Top Picks 2023

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Our founder, Dr. Noreen Galaria, Board Certified Dermatologist is our resident skin care expert.  In her beauty recommendations we trust! 

 "Breakouts don’t have to be a side effect of exercise. If your pores get clogged every time you work out, your face moisturizer may be to blame, says dermatologist Hadley King, MD-FAAD. And you can find a new one that hydrates your skin without causing build-up or breakouts. The key, according to the dermatologists we spoke to, is to find a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic—or designed not to clog your pores. If you really struggle with clogged pores, you may also want a moisturizer with pore-clearing ingredients, like salicylic acid", says dermatologist Noreen Galaria, MD-FAAD.

Together with Very Well Fit Magazine, she has curated her top moisturizer picks for 2023. Find one that works you! Check out the article here.

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