Age Defense results in 20% less damage after sun exposure!

Posted by Noreen Galaria on

Just 1 dose of Inner Glow Age Defense results in 20% less photo damage after sun exposure.

We wanted to share our ongoing UV study using Age Defense with you!

Picture 1 is a patients L arm after we expose it to a NB UVB device with no Inner Glow Age defense

Picture 2 is the same patients R arm exposed to NB UVB 1 hour after taking a single dose of Age Defense. 

You can see that the Internal sunscreen (Polypodium Leucotomos) and the other anti-oxidants  that neutralize free radicals in our Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon curated blend were able to decrease sun damage by over 20%!

With the ozone layer not protecting us as much as it used to, we, as physicians, are constantly looking for ways to layer and improve your sun protection. 

Meet your sunscreens new Best Friend :)  *No external sunscreen was applied during this experiment.



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