COVID, Stress and Hair Loss: A dermatologists guide

Posted by Noreen Galaria on

We know that any number of stressful situations can trigger hair loss. Many people don't realize that stressors can be mental such as relationship issues, financial concerns, loneliness during the pandemic or physical like pregnancy, chronic illness/ injury, surgery, or medications. In our world, COVID has become a stressor that we will need to learn to live with. However both the mental stress of COVID and the physical strain on the body if you contracted this virus can lead to hair loss.

If you have noticed increased hair loss and think stressors might be to blame, try some of these tips.

  • Get moving! Regular exercise helps manage the effects of stress
  • Take a deep breath- Learn and practice relaxation techniques 
  • Schedule in some fun-Spending time with positive people and doing things that make you laugh is a great stress reliever. We have seen an increase in hair loss during COVID for many reasons but a major one is social isolation
  • Be Gentle on your hair- Don't pull it back when it's wet or do super tight braids they can lead to further hair loss 
  • Seek professional help from a therapist if needed
  • Eat a healthy diet and try a proven hair supplement like Inner Glow Hair, Skin & Nails Formula 
  • Talk to your dermatologist for a work-up or prescriptions if hair loss continues

The speed at which hair grows is determined by genetics but there are other factors that can affect the growth rate. Diet plays a big role and given that hair is one of the fastest growing parts of our body the correct supplement can bring about visible changes in just a few months.

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