Age Defense is Sunscreen's Bestfriend

Posted by Noreen Galaria on

Sunscreen is the gold standard when it comes to sun protection. But with such a big task at hand, layering sun protection is a smart move. Age Defense was created to provide that additional layer of sun protection. It’s skin specific antioxidants fights UV-induced free radicals preventing them from damaging the skin. One of these ingredients is Polypodium Leucotomos a.k.a internal sunscreen.
Polypodium is a fern that grows predominantly in South America. This fern has been used for generations as an herbal tea to help protect against sun induced conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and melasma. In recent decades, scientific research has shown that oral intake of supplements containing Polypodium is an effective way to minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation to the skin. Making it a reliable adjunct to sunscreen. 
As people become more and more aware of the negative effects of UV radiation it’s easy to want to just take a pill for sun protection, however, Dr. Galaria stresses that this is only one piece of a multi pronged approach to good sun protection. I recommend patients avoid the sun during peak hours, wear sunscreen, sun protective clothing and take Inner Glow when they are spending time outdoors.

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